Alarm and video surveillance installation in Pennsylvania

We install simply the best in terms of surveillance cameras. Our video surveillance cameras benefit from the latest deterrence and protection technologies and meet strict security and quality criteria.


New generation alarm


  •  Wireless indoor/outdoor video surveillance with 1 year autonomy per camera per charge and 3 years in standby mode (unlimited with solar panel)
  • Geofencing – Automatic activation and deactivation of the alarm system according to the position of all authorized users
  • Automation – Create operating rules of the type: IF “kitchen window contactor triggered” THEN “switch on all the cameras”
  • A siren integrated in each device – each device is equipped with a siren to multiply the noise pollution zones. This avoids centralizing the noise and the sound source being easily defused
  •  Deep learning and artificial intelligence to differentiate human beings from other moving elements
  •   Remote monitoring 7 days a week and 24 hours a day
  •   An all-in-one solution that can contain according to the needs: sirens, keypads, opening sensors, etc.


Say goodbye to outdated alarm systems. Most of the big players in remote monitoring make you pay exorbitant monthly payments to install a system that is often outdated. 365teamtech systematically offers you state-of-the-art protection equipment, adapted to the new needs of connected users and the new tricks of burglars.


Improved motion detection


  • Infrared lens under the camera to detect movements even in the middle of the night
  •  Addition of an unlimited number of separate movement sensors to the alarm center High performance CPU chip integrated in each camera to analyze movements effectively
  •  Possibility of trigger only on recognition of human beings to avoid alerts on other moving elements such as animals or vehicles
  • Deep learning and AI to gradually improve recognition of movements Immediate and instantaneous sending of notifications in the event of movement (accompanied by the sequence video)
  • Continuous improvement of the software part via automatic update

With the latest technologies embedded in our alarm system, benefit from ultra fast motion detection to identify individuals, warn of each moving element and effectively fight against intrusions and acts of vandalism. The system is able to make the difference between people, animals or even naturally moving elements.


Complete alarm system


  •  Attach as many sensors as you want to the control panel
  •   Download recordings to your smartphone, to the control panel or through network storage drives (NAS)
  •  Real-time interaction with sound recording and built-in microphone for communicate through the camera – Internal siren integrated in the alarm unit. Each sensor is capable of emitting an additional siren individually, including outdoor cameras.
  •   Control the alarm with the smartphone, the keyboard or without making the slightest gesture thanks to geofencing
  •  Door and window opening sensor


Professional installation


  •  Electrical authorization for the installation of wired systems
  •  Authorization for work at height: installation of outdoor siren, dome camera, outdoor camera on the facade…
  •  Drafting of a Safety Diagnosis to effectively identify sensitive points
  • Interventions on any brand on wireless, wired or hybrid system
  • Advice and expertise from professionals in the sector
  •  Experienced installers who have worked for the biggest brands in the remote surveillance sector
  • Specific installations: POE camera, analog camera, smoke cannon, fog screen, NVR, DVR , etc.


Save money


  • Without subscription.  You only pay for the material once. No monthly payment, neither to use the equipment, nor to store the data.
  • Free quote. Travel expenses offered.
  •  No hidden fees.
  •  The price includes parts and labor.  2 year hardware warranty.
  •  We select for you the most suitable products for the configuration of the place to be protected.

Put aside all the brands that charge you worrying monthly fees to use their services. In a few years, the cost price of the protection system becomes extremely high, much more than its real value.  And in some cases, you often have to return it after the contract is terminated. With 365teamtech, the product pays for itself very quickly. The expertise of our installers also makes it possible to have the best alarm system installed in your home (the one that will be best suited to your needs). There is no risk of making a mistake and spending money on unsuitable, poor quality, unreliable equipment that will not last over time. Moreover, the plethora of offers offered on the market makes it difficult to find one’s way and correctly choose the most effective system from the jungle of products offered (with characteristics all more miraculous from one another according to the sellers).


Autonomy package


– Alarm system with power and network autonomy

– 3G/4G SIM card compatible

– Secure and decentralized data storage thanks to recording in the alarm center + in a NAS + in the smartphone


Installing an alarm system or CCTV cameras that depend on your internet line and electric current is not enough and secure enough. This is why our team of installers might offer an autonomy pack (depends on area and other conditions)  which allows all our installed alarm systems to be 100% independent of your fixed Internet line and your electricity. Thus, it will not be enough for thieves and malicious people to cut off the power or the Internet cable coming to your house to defuse the alarm and inhibit any means of communication with the outside world.


Real time viewing


– Direct function (live) Real-time recording of content on your smartphone and/or other different media – Real-time interaction with sound listening and voice transmission via built-in microphone to communicate through the camera

– Full HD 1080p quality at 30fps

– Instant Notifications


View live and at any time of the day and night your surveillance area. You can observe in real time what is happening inside your home or premises.


Advanced features


– Animal detection Personalized arming modes: night mode, home mode, differentiated zones, etc. Entry and exit delay

– Choice of sensitivity and detection distance Night vision and automatic night mode with infrared or color vision

– And much more!


Our services on wired systems allow an even wider choice of functionalities. Professional and specialized surveillance cameras offer advantages not found elsewhere, such as motorized or rotating cameras (PTZ).

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